Me olemme Trix Games ja kehitämme tanssipeliä. Tämä on kehitysblogimme, johon kirjoitamme kuulumisia pelin kehityksestä.

tiistai 1. kesäkuuta 2010

Welcome to Dance Tricks development blog

Welcome to the official development blog of Trix Games! Trix Games is a small game company currently working on its first game project - a dance game called Dance Tricks. The blog is regularly updated with news and information about the game project so remember to bookmark or subscribe to the blog if you are interested.


The game project first started in 2009 and was publicly announced in February 2010. After that the Finnish dance gamer community has been supplied with information on the game, but now we are finally turning our attention to the international crowd interested in our game. From now on blog posts will be made available in both languages. To bring the international readers up to the same level of information as our Finnish followers we'll do a quick recap on the important information.

- The game is called Dance Tricks and is developed by the small company Trix Games.
- The game is being developed by dance gamers who have a long history, dedication and knowledge in the field of dance games.
- The game is developed for the PC and Mac platforms.
- The game's release is planned for 2010.
- The game is aimed at both casual and hardcore gamer crowds with good training possibilities for new players and tough challenges for dance gaming veterans.
- The selection of music genres in the game is designed to appeal to an even larger audience from kids to elderly people, but the main focus is still in the teenagers.

Some original drafts from the early stages of game development can be seen in an older blog post.

Some of the songs and artists featured in the game have been announced in March.

More songs and artists are made known right now by making them available for download. These songs are part of the additional song pack of the Positive Gaming World Championships 2010 and are thus released for all players to train on beforehand. Seven songs from Dance Tricks are a part of this tournament pack. Only the hardest difficulty level is made public at this point, but we trust that this many songs and step charts made available for free download should please players. We apologize for a couple of the songs having slightly bad audio quality as we are not able to share those songs in full quality due to our licensing deals. Remember to download the Dance Tricks song release. (20MB)

The future

In the coming weeks you can look forward to more blog posts. We will cover game features, the user interface, more artists and songs, and so on. You can also join our new Facebook group to show your support for the game and easily get announcements when we post new messages.

We hope you enjoyed your first visit to our blog and we'd be delighted to have you visit again. Until next time!

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